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Studying oversea is a life-changing experience for many students, as it is an opportunity to open their eyes to different ways of life and promoting understanding and also tolerance. Well known as a country with varied and multifaceted education system, Germany has much to offer as a place of study with more than 350 state and private universities and a colorful range of courses. Germany is renowned as one of the leading countries in the field of research, science and technologies.

Thus planning out abroad education can be quite a daunting task. It is a long drawn process full of technicalities. Expert guidance is needed at each and every step. Hence, we as an education advisor or consultant play a pivotal role in helping you to achieve your aim of studying abroad specifically in the land of poets and thinkers, Germany.


StudyGermany is wholly-owned by MAAZTech Group Sdn. Bhd. Acknowledging the importance of education, this newly formed business division put its focus in promoting Germany as a study choice from the foundation up to PhD level. We don’t see ourselves as profit-driven entity! But we see ourselves as a window to the “Land of Ideas”. With our experiences as a German alumni, blended with the values and qualities offered in Germany, we are not only preparing students scholastically, but also holistically. Our first-hand experience being foreign students can better prepare the students to survive in DEUTSCHLAND. With *free-education system at the highest quality practices, this value-for-money package is sure something not to be missed. All you need is StudyGermany, a reliable partner who will accompany you along your route to Germany.

Es ist nicht genug, zu wissen, man muß auch anwenden; es ist nicht genug, zu wollen, man muß auch tun - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe