I had never thought about studying in Germany because it was so far out there. But after Mr Azlan gave a talk to my sister’s school, it got my parents interested in that opportunity. They gave me the chance to join Mr Azlan’s entourage of eager German learners. The classes were great and always eventful, and Mr Azlan was always helpful in answering any questions about the German courses and the language itself. After 5 gruelling months of intense learning we all managed to achieve up to level B2 of German and away to Germany we went!

On the first day we landed in Düsseldorf, Mr Azlan and someone from Institut für Internationale Kommunikation or IIK for short, a language center in Düsseldorf, took us for a short tour around the city, showing us where to get food, books and all the other basic information needed about the city. In classes, the teachers from IIK were all kind and very helpful too.

My friends and I have only been in Germany for a little over a month, but I can confidently say that we have acclimatized to the life here already. I would like to thank my parents, my family and Mr Azlan for their support and knowledge. Despite all the hardships I have had to face to get here, I have no regrets.


Guten Tag. That was the first German word that I ever learned. My journey of being a German language master is far from over. But despite that, the experience that I have had with Mr. Azlan and the other language teachers has been a very beautiful one. My taught from an expert has given me the confidence to face my everyday life of being student here in Germany. Everyday communications in the class, at the post office or even on the street has been very easy because of Mr. Azlan.

I am currently learning B1+ Part 2 in IIK Düsseldorf with the hope of improving my German even more in order to be acclimated in the German society and to make sure my time in Germany is worth while. Mr. Azlan had tirelessly helped us a lot inside classroom, outside of the classroom, answering our questions on Germany, and had been seriously involved in every step of the way in order to help us realise the dream of furthering our studies in Germany. Vielen Dank. 


After I completed my 3 years diploma at UiTM, I started to learn Deutsch with a home-tutor. At that time, it was hard for me to catch up the beauty of the language because I lack of communication and learning hours. Thank God, after I met Sir Azlan and joined his intensive Deutsch course, I regained my confident and my interest to study in Germany. His team helped me a lot started from the beginning of A1-B1 level, the visa and blocked account application, Uni-Assist and others. Without the right procedures and documents, the visa application will take longer than expected.

Upon my arrival in Germany, he also guided me how to get Halal food, train tickets and all that. I personally recommend StudyGermany program for those who are interested to study in Germany.



Es ist nicht genug, zu wissen, man muß auch anwenden; es ist nicht genug, zu wollen, man muß auch tun - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe