What We Do

Having the experience as German graduates in Malaysia, we ASPIRE TO bridge AND ASSIST the school leavers to GET TO the undergraduate programs by guiding and helping this new breed who are passionate to further their studies regardless of the path they choose. We focus on providing study consultation, language courses and university applications, just to prepare them physically and mentally before going abroad.

We offer services to pave your way to the land of ideas and inventions:-

  • German Language
  • Pre-Internship
  • Study Consultation
  • Visa Application
  • Documentation Certification
  • Pre-departure Session
  • Intermediate Pace 
  • Intensive German Language
  • Study Consultation
  • Visa Application
  • Document Certification
  • Pre-departure Session
  • Fast Pace    
  • German Language
  • Time & Place Flexi
  • Leisure Learners
  • Corporate
  • Migration
  • Schools
  • Slow Pace



Regardless of THE path the students take, we provide solutions to make their way to study in Germany. To make sure all requirements to study in Germany ARE fulfilled, the study consultation takes place even before the students begin their foundation program, either in Malaysia or Germany. Each student will be guided and helped to choose their course of study and the place of study based on their preferences, latest academic results as well as their German language proficiencies. 


We provide German language courses from level A1 to B2. The students will be grouped based on their age as well as interest of learning the language. With our trained, qualified and experienced teachers, these groups will experience different approach of learning at the same level. Due to our flexibility, the courses can be conducted at outside our centre at any time, apart from our standard courses.

The German language for students (GLS) will focus mainly on the preparation for TestDaF or DSH, as required by universities for the entry requirement. The courses have been molded for academic and survival in Germany. The courses will be conducted in intensive mode to help the students to progress in the environment in Germany.

The German languange for executives as its name is specifically designed to meet the requirements for the needs of German language for executives and professionals. The program is carefully structured focusing on basic communication skills in order to provide the speakers the confidence communicating and conversing in german language. Executives who mainly deal with their German counterparts will find German Language very helpful to gain respect, trust and confidence for a successful business prospect.

All our courses are in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 


In completion to our services, we also offer translation services. We provide language translation services (Malay-German-English) specifically for our clients in various fields such as IT, engineering, biochemical, medical, tourism, education, mass communication, management, nature and environment, real estates, food and beverages, finance and banking, publishing and etc. From government agencies to NGOs, from small and medium sized enterprises to multinational companies, our expertise in translation services will help you to convey your multilingual messages into your desired targets successfully.





Es ist nicht genug, zu wissen, man muß auch anwenden; es ist nicht genug, zu wollen, man muß auch tun - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe